Windsor Light Condensed Specimen

“The Venus flytrap, a devouring organism, aptly named for the goddess of love.”

― Tennessee Williams,
  Suddenly Last Summer 

Suddenly Last Summer

Dimensions — 120 x 120cm

Material — 100% Silk  Crêpe de Chine with delicately finished hand-rolled edges.

Price — €200


The apparent beauty of nature just covers up a seething evil. A precarious balance lies between the rational and irrational, between what is considered civilised and what barbarous.

Weird yet wonderfully elegant botanical, zoological and entomological patterns decorate 100% silk crêpe de chine scarves. Evocative of king-sized vintage silk carrés, The Lotos Eaters Silk Scarves give that touch of old worldly luxury with an other worldly feel.

The Lotos Eaters live in a world of romantic vision and aesthetic reverie. Immersed in a place where reality is subtly altered, they exist in a state of languorous forgetfulness induced by eating the fruit of the enchanted lotos.

Theirs is a peculiar kind of reality aware of the strangeness of time. Days are spent indulging in pleasure and luxury, leading a life of dreamy, indolent ease and indifference to this busy world. For they know that reality is a flexible, even imaginary idea, wholly dependent on perspective.

Mythical with a modern twist, each scarf tells a a story, is a different trip, an altered state. Enjoy the new, slightly twisted reality that the Lotos produces.